Reptile Men

What I imagine some of the creatures in my story may look like. I wanted to call them lizard men, but I'll settle with Reptile Men. Based on a crocodile, a raptor and a chameleon.


Chapter 13

Footsteps echoed like thunder. The animals heard it and felt a presence foreign to them. Instincts told the animals to flee or simply stay out of sight. Even bears and wolves made themselves scarce. Not a single one dared to be noticed or even smelled by the creatures that had intruded the forest. A mighty … Continue reading Chapter 13

Chapter 11

The Ovoo warriors grunted and growled as they sparred with one another. Armed with wooden swords and shields, they exchanged a series of strikes, whilst attempting to also block. Despite only being training, each warrior moved and fought as if their lives were on the very line. They displayed a level of ferocity that could … Continue reading Chapter 11

Chapter 10

They sat in the chieftain’s longhouse. An array of items and trinkets decorated the abode. As eye-catching as these belongings were, Uriel found herself more drawn towards the company that joined them. The village’s elders and strongest warriors sat with them in the longhouse. Although they appeared silent, their thoughts remained apparent through the grim … Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 9

The scent of boiled meat and vegetables streamed into her nose, reviving her senses. Uriel slowly opened her eyes and saw the sky. Dimness still dominated much of it. Turning her head to the side, she gazed at the horizon and saw rays of light stretch out. Although the sun had yet to rise, there … Continue reading Chapter 9

Chapter 8

The fireplace slowly devoured the kindling and heated the cauldron. Steam slowly rose from the bubbling ooze. Mycelia added a few more ingredients to the concoction, and carefully stirred the iron pot to complete it. However, before she could finish, a tinking sound caught her ears. Turning around, Mycelia found Uriel tapping on one of … Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 6

Uriel sighed, as she glared at the fireplace. Its warm, orange light reflected in her eyes. The flames danced and chewed on the logs, slowly withering them into ash. Two days had passed since she killed Sir Gerald and his men. She finally met a somewhat familiar face, only to end up killing him. Mycelia’s … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Uriel’s eyes grew slightly, but her expression remained stiff. “Intruders?” she said, as she set her bowl down. Her tone stood on the borders of surprise and disinterest. “Yes, my lady,” Mycelia nodded. She lowered her head, and then paused for a brief moment “To be more precise, about seven intruders have entered the citadel.” … Continue reading Chapter 5