Metal Guardian

The monster seen in chapter 16


Chapter 16

Spears, swords, shields, and a few other items rested on tables and racks. The fortress’s armory still had a few of its equipment still intact. Although in need of some polish and perhaps a grindstone, the equipment still had the edge and girth to last through a few more battles. Before going off to face … Continue reading Chapter 16

Chapter 15

Uriel sharply glanced at her surroundings. Rays of sunlight shined through the rooftop of leaves. Birds made themselves hidden, but allowed their voices to be heard. Everything looked the same, but something felt quite different. Uriel could not quite point out the difference, but it was there. She felt as if a hundred arrows targeted … Continue reading Chapter 15


The main character of my story is a woman named Uriel. Here are a few designs I've had of her. The first is pretty much just a traditional art piece I still had around, but never inked. The following are digital works from oldest to newest.        

Chapter 14

Silence fell upon the entire battlefield, as Demus Allos gave his last breath and died. Uriel sighed and surveyed her surroundings. Bodies lay scattered everywhere, like autumn leaves. A few bodies still clung to their weapons, while most gazed straight forward. Rivers of blood trickled from the wounds, drenching the earth with a deep red … Continue reading Chapter 14