Hello readers. Overlord Rising is a story that I’ve been trying to write out. If you’re interested, give it a look. Feel free to comment anything, be it praise, criticism or corrections. Any feedback is most appreciated.



A knight named Uriel leads an army of warriors to fight a dragon that has been rumored to come from the Dark Lands, a mysterious and dangerous realm which many enter, but so few actually leave.

They succeed in defeating the dragon, but not at the cost of Uriel’s life. The dragon burns her to death. However, just as the flames devour her, she wakes up in an unknown citadel and is met by the Dark-Elf Mycelia who has proclaimed her as the new Overlord of the Dark Lands.

With this newfound power, Uriel now has a chance to do what no other adventurer or nation has ever done before, explore the entire the Dark Lands.